Bengal cattary - Bedriftsmelding
Laskalina's Bengal farming was established in 2005.
This happened after I bought my first Bengal cat - Banzai. Just a few months later I saw a marble Bengali girl and couldn't resist :) These two cats aroused a great passion in me and Bengals have become a part of my life.
For the last 13 years I have acquired several great cats, engaged in exhibitions, learned a lot about the breed and gained valuable experience.  
Our cats receive a VIP treatment. They are loved and admired, get lots of attention and play, probably spoiled with good food and cozy They have their own warm house with a large outdoor area.
New kittens are born inside our house and move to "Bengalarium" at 6 weeks of age.
The farm is well organized and hygienically black.
It is an indescribable pleasure to experience kittens. With knowledge and planning (sometimes also with flax;) I have achieved a good result of my work - over 600 incredibly beautiful Bengal lungs .
These kittens have enriched the lives of many good families.
We provide you with security and guidance when purchasing a Bengal cat.
Our address is:
Sjuestokveien 111
3159 Melsomvik
Vestfold, Norway
+47 975 999 39
Melsomvik is located in Vestfold, between Tønsberg and Sandefjord 
With best regards
Elina :)